Meet Teacher Tricia

Center Director & Teacher

Teaching the following:

  • Babies
  • Mixed Ages
  • Rhythm Kids

About Teacher Tricia

Hello Everybody…I’m Teacher Tricia, a passionate music educator with over 25 years of experience in teaching music and movement. Here’s a bit more about my background and what drives my love for music education:

  • Trained Music Together Teacher and Director
  • Montessori Music Training: Trained with Sanford Jones, a renowned Montessorian
  • Over 25 years of teaching music and movement in Montessori schools
  • Founder of Harmony & Me Music Outreach: Providing music programming for over 15 years to support youth/senior engagement, early childhood learning, and social-emotional well-being

My Musical Journey

Although I didn’t participate in Music Together with my child, my passion and love for music were instilled in my daughter long before she was born and continue to be
a daily part of our lives. My parents encouraged me to sing long before I could talk, and I am eager to share with you why I believe music is so important and the best ways to support it.

Harmony & Me Music Outreach

Our programming aims to:

  • Support youth/senior engagement
  • Promote early childhood learning
  • Enhance social-emotional well-being
  • Strengthen families
  • Encourage music engagement and enjoyment

Contact Information

  • Phone: 541.217.4234


Harmony & Me Studio
15671 HWY 101 S
Harbor, OR 97415